Suzy Fay

Suzy Fay is a dramaturg and actress. Presently, she is Associate Program Director at the Lark Play Development Center, an arts organization which ?reaches into untapped local populations and across international boundaries to seek out and embrace unheard voices and diverse perspectives, celebrating differences in language and worldviews. The Lark also plays a leading role in advancing unknown writers and their works to audiences through carefully stewarded partnerships with a host of theaters, universities, community-based organizations, and NGOs, locally, nationally and globally.? In her capacity at the Lark, Suzy has helped to support the work of playwrights such as Leila Buck, Migdalia Cruz, Kris Diaz, Marcus Gardly, Jason Grote, Tina Howe, Rajiv Joseph, Chiori Miyagawa, Elaine Romero, Saviana Stanescu, Lloyd Suh, Caridad Svich, Andrea Thome and Anna Ziegler. Other dramaturgical support includes Lark Barebones®: Man Measures Man by David Robson, Waxing West by Saviana Stanescu, Applecove by Lynn Rosen, Free Radicals by Betty Shamieh and The Roof by Suzanne Bradbeer. She is a member of the Lark?s Artistic Cabinet and has served on a number of Selection Committees for various Lark programs and residencies, including Playwrights Week, the Playwrights of New York Fellowship and the Middle East America Initiative. Suzy has appeared in productions at the Lark, MCC, Intar, hotInk and the Barrows Group. Regional credits include New York Stage and Film, Yale Repertory Theater, Portland Stage, and the Kennedy Center. She is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama.